November – Month of the Holy Souls:
As the weather grows colder and the leaves fall, and Christmas approach, it is natural that our thoughts turn to those whom we have loved who are no longer with us.

Grant, O Lord, that my own heart may be
touched, as yours is, at the passing of
all souls into eternal life.

In great confidence, I pray for all my
friends and loved ones who are no
longer here on this journey of faith.

When I am sad at the death of those
who were close to me, may my sadness
be firmly supported by my faith that life
is merely changed not ended, that those
I love are still with me though unseen.

May You, Lord Jesus Christ, welcome
me and all those for whom I pray, into
eternal life at the moment pleasing
to You.

Saint Therese, intercede for me.

Saint Therese, strengthen my faith

Special Envelopes are now available at the church door for the names of deceased relatives and friend’s which you would like to have included in our Nine Day Novena of Masses which will begin on November 2nd All Souls Day.  Please remember especially all those who died since November 1st 2017 who are buried in our parish.
Steve Williams, Carnakib 3/11/2017;
Claire Carey, Lettera 8/11/2017;
Angela Murphy, Newcastle, Galway 9/11/2017;
John Moran, Inchaquinn 10/11/2017;
Thomas Francis Keady, London & Ower 21/12/2017;
John Newell, Windfort 28/2/2018;
Patricia Feeney – Sweeney, Ballincollig, Co Cork & Headford 28/2/2018;
Kathleen Noone, Riverview 26/3/2018;
Alice Hugill, Surray England & Cordarra 2/4/2018;
Michael John Noone, Riverview 11/5/2018; 
Alice Carroll, Loggawania 17/5/2018;  
Johnny Keady, Owerbeg 19/5/2018;
Pascal Hynes, Claran 21/5/2018;
TJ Keady Ower 2/7/2018;
Eamon Lee, Culleen 12/7/2018;
Patrick Kilgarriff, Ballyconlaught 16/7/2018;
John (Jack) McDonagh, Cloughanvoer 27/7/2018;
Martin Gerard Ward, Castleview 5/8/2018;
Sean Murphy, Greenfields 6/8/2018;
Michael Hynes, Mountross 09/09/2018;
Vincent Fadden, Castleview 27/9/2018;
Nigel Costello, Dublin & Headford 12/10/2018.